Friday, April 9, 2010

It's Finally Signed

It took us one year and 3 months, but we have finally signed the organ donor release form. I don't know if I can explain why it has taken so long for us to sign this piece of paper. After all, it's something we have wanted from day one ~ to eventually meet those Abby has saved. When the letter and forum first came, it was just after the Holiday season in January 2009. I remember reading through the letter thinking, wow, there are things I hadn't given much thought to in releasing our information. I think that halted us signing it at the point and then it just got pushed off to the side. It seems anything to do with Abby takes us longer than usual to take care of. It is hard for us to "finalize" everything. So, I think that is why we still have some things that we have not done. But now this one can be checked off the list and we will soon be able to share more information with these families, use different means of communication, and hopefully someday have a face to face meeting.

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