Friday, May 21, 2010

A Gift

I received a touching gift from Housing Unit 3A3 at the Maryville Treatment Center. A few weeks back, the inmates made posters for Crime Victims Week and these 96 men chose to honor Abrielle. Here is the poster they design and gave to me.

The poster was accompanied by a letter from the group expressing their gratitude for speaking the the Treatment Center. Here are a few excerpts from the 3 page letter I received.

"I can only imagine what it takes to speak with complete strangers about what you've gone through. However, it is such a Divine and positive thing that you do this and have found a way to help other people by doing so."

"If just one single person can walk away from your story and use it to do the right thing, imagine what you have accomplished, imagine the lives you have saved. Mrs. Neff, saving lives is a miracle."

"If that one person you have touched with your story may turn around and reach out to two more, .... Then once again you have accomplished something worth fighting for."

"And all of that just because you were willing to be a voice when someone was willing to listen."

"We ask that you never stop striving to make this world a better place."

"Always remember that 96 people got together, 96 strangers, and the first person they wanted to do something good for was you."

To all this, I say thank you. I am touched that 96 men, some whom I have not spoken to in class yet I'm sure, chose to honor our Abrielle. I am touched that they took the time to put their feelings into words and send them to me. I am grateful to hear and see the impact my speech is making on the men and am so hopeful they take it with them for the rest of their lives.

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  1. How awesome is it to know that you touched so many lives!
    You are doing such an awesome thing in honor of Abrielle!