Monday, April 18, 2011

National Crime Victims Awareness

Last week was National Crime Victims Awareness Week and along with the tree planting and speech there, I was asked to speak at the Treatment Center to the offenders as a whole.  So Friday I told my story to over 500 offenders and staff.  I do believe this is the largest crowd I have spoken to at one time about the accident.  My speech followed two offenders who shared their stories about their crimes and the victims they created.  I was amazed as one spoke of meeting his victim face to face later and being given forgiveness for his crime.  I could tell our story was touching some as they wiped their eyes along with me.  They were also gracious enough to give me a standing ovation when I was finished and several thanked me for telling my story.  If it changes even one of them, it is worth it  and it does make me proud that Abby can continue to touch lives. 

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