Monday, September 5, 2011

Celebration Photos

This post is a hodge podge of pictures from the Celebration since I wanted to get them posted and be able to share other things without taking up more posts for the pictures.

The dunk tank is always super popular with the kids and we really appreciate the guys that volunteer to get wet for the cause.

This year our petting zoo was provided by area FFA students.  The kids loved all the animals that were brought.

One of the new additions this year was the wacky trikes ride.  The kids rode adult size tricycles paired with "goofy goggles" that made navigating the cones with their drunken effect. 

This year we added a high striker and a kiddie striker.  It was a great test of strength for young and old both.

Homemade ice cream was made by this large mixer.

The balloon pop was another fun addition.  Kids raced to see who could inflate their balloon enough to make them pop first.

Balloon animals!

The Sunscreen Station was provided by the Halley family in memory of Brian.  We were grateful to have it again this year, especially since the weather turned from cloudy and rainy that morning to sunny before the event was over.

Kids kept the Barrel Train busy the whole day.

Super popular with both older and younger kids was the new Tubs Of Fun ride. 

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