Monday, May 21, 2012

Telling Others

I have had several speaking engagements the last few weeks and have shared our story and information about the Foundation to different groups. 

I spoke at the tree planting ceremony for Crime Victims Week at Mozingo again this year about the Foundation.  There was a special remembrance this year for the ten year anniversary of the Conception Abbey shooting.  I listened to Father Riechart talk about the tragedy and the trials he still faces in daily life.  Ten years and the memories are still fresh for him, as I know they still will be for me.  But he stated that he does not live his life in fear as he continues on with his mission.  After the ceremony, I was approached about sharing our story across the state of Missouri.  Every two years the video that is shown for education by the highway patrol on impaired driving is reproduced and they would like for us to be a part of it this year.  I think it would be amazing if our little girl could touch that many lives.

The following morning I spoke to the local Optimist club about the Foundation and how we help children in the community.  Several members were unaware of the many facets of the Foundation.  I was contacted this week that they decided to make a donation to the Foundation!  

I was invited to speak at the Mother Daughter Banquet at Parnell Methodist Church the first week in May.  It was a wonderful surprise to see all the items that had been brought for donations for the Foundation!  I was not expecting that at all.  I started off with one of my speeches, but then evolved into more of a conversation with the ladies.  It was a great setting and we discussed everything from the Foundation to grieving the loss of a child to organ donation.  I was glad they invited me for the event.

Last week I spoke at the Treatment Center to the ICVC class.  I am amazed how much our story touches these men each time I tell it.  I always receive many comments thanking me for coming and how I have helped open their eyes to what their lifestyles cause.  One man did not understand the ripple effect they talk about in class until after I told our story.       

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