Friday, January 4, 2013

Speech Given

On Wednesday I spoke to a new class at the Treatment Center.  I was actually a little nervous because it had been about six months since I had talked anywhere.  I had planned on updating the speech I give, but as I sat down to do that, I was having a difficult time and gave up.  I am sure it was because I had just gotten through the holidays and decided that it would be fine the way it was since this group had not heard it.  This group had about 17 offenders and most sat very quietly while I talked.  A few wiped their eyes.  I felt I did pretty well and only shed tears a few times, but when I finished I really wondered how I did since I was met by stares and silence.  It took them a few minutes before they asked any questions or made any comments.  I was actually surprised that the ones that are normally asked were not and that only a few were asked.  Usually I spend about 20 to 30 minutes talking after I finish my speech, but this time it was maybe 10 to 15.  I was really beginning to wonder if I had made any impression at all but then as they were dismissed for break, each one lined up to shake my hand and thank me for sharing my story.  My goal each time is to reach just one to make my tears worth it, but I sincerely felt I touched them all in this class. 

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