Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Summer of Missing Her

Summer is all but over with school starting next week and I have missed my Abby all summer. 

She would have turned ten years old on June 9th and it was a day of tears for me. Ten years old. Ten. But she will forever be almost four. 

Then I had my sweet Elly with her innocent comments. 
"Mommy I wish Abby didn't die so I would have someone to play with.  Mady doesn't like to play with me very much."  
"Mommy how bout you have another baby and we can name it Abby so we will have an Abby again." 
"Mommy why did Abby have to die? You didn't get died and neither did Sissy. I wanted another sister."

I am sure you also noticed that we did not have the Celebration this year. We were sad to make this decision, but are hoping to be back next year with the family fun.  Not having this in no way means we are not continuing with the Foundation. Abby's Hugs is going strong! So continue to think of us for your donations. 

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