Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How Time Has Flown...

I was digging out all the papers to take with us for taxes last week and there happened to be a picture stuck in the middle of all the stuff. Here's what I found...

This is of Mady at age 5 and Abby at age 22 months. (I must say that they are some cuties!) This picture was taken in April 2005 for Mady's birthday after she had gotten her ears pierced.

Now fast forward to just last month, March 2009 and here is a picture I took of the girls. Mady is almost 9 and Elly is 22 months.
Elly resembles her big sister Abby more so than Mady for sure! Elly just seems to be a "chubbier" version of her big sis and has so many of the same personality traits. The fact is that in another month I will have had my Elly here as long as my Abby has been in Heaven ~ 2 years.

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