Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sissy is 9

We have always made birthdays a big deal at our house. It is a special day for Mady today as she turns 9. In 2007, it was 2 weeks after we lost Abby that we had to "celebrate" even though it was hard. We had a joint pool party planned for both of them to invite friends to and celebrate their birthdays together. Obviously that never happened. Instead, we kept things small. Just a few friends and a movie. Even though we were really hurting, we still were celebrating the fact that our Mady made it out virtually unhurt physically. We were celebrating the fact that God left us our oldest child, our Daddy's Girl, our girly-girl. Today we still celebrate that Mady was spared and we just had to bury one daughter. We never forget though that our Abby would love to be here with her big sis. Mady shares balloons with Abby on this day too.

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  1. Tell Mady Happy Birthday from the Daniels, I am sure if Scott knew he would have to give her 9 birthday spankings-that is his ritual at our home. Of course, Cole would have to help him:)
    Happy Birthday Madison!!!!