Thursday, February 18, 2010

He Misses Her Still Too

I have to admit that my own personal grief and the grief that plagues my immediate family is more than enough for me to think about that sometimes I fail to think that their are others that still grieve the loss of our Abrielle too, one of these being her buddy Cole.

The two of them had been together at daycare since birth and then went on to be in the same preschool class. Abby even announced one night at the supper table that she had a boyfriend. Marc put on his "Daddy face" and did the whole "you can't a boyfriend yet" bit, which made her just grin all the more as she let us know that it was Cole. Of course this just made us smile because they were two peas in a pod and partners in crime for most things.

Last week Cole brought me two very special gifts. The first was a dragonfly stake for Abby's heart garden at our house with wings that glow in the dark. The second was a paper he wrote in class. It was all I could do to contain emotions when I read the page, but with little Coley there watching me, I knew I couldn't cry. So, I hope he doesn't mind me sharing his paper with everyone here.

He calls Abby his cousin and it makes perfect since because they were like family to each other. The back says that his sister was sad too.

We love you Cole and you will always hold a very special place in our hearts!


  1. awww, I will be thinking about sweet Cole today~! what a sweety

  2. The drawing choked me up ... I'm saying a prayer for you today, as well as sweet Cole. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. As you know your family will always hold a special place in Cole's heart. We have many items at our home that represent Abby and most of them are in Cole's room. He choose the dragonfly for you because he told me those were her favorite. Always and Forever-The Daniels family