Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meet "Abby Bear"

I don't think I've introduced everyone to "Abby Bear." "Abby Bear" was a gift from a friend to help Mady in those first days and he has been with her every night since, as you can tell by the way he looks. She slides her arm through the loop made by his arms, placing Abby's picture and poem on top, tucking the bear under her arm. This is how she goes to bed every night. So without further ado, here's Mady's special "Abby Bear".

Inside the plush book in his hands, "Abby Bear" holds the picture of Abrielle that Mady chose and the poem "Whispers From Heaven."The picture is from Christmas of 2006 and has been well loved along with the bear.

And here is the poem on the other side.

In case you can't read the poem, here it is ~

Whispers From Heaven

I know you don't understand

What happened to me;

Where did I go - Why did I leave?

Jesus sent an angel from heaven above,

To hold my hand and express His love.

She whispered softly in my ear,

"It's time to go, Jesus is near."

Listen to those who love you,

Say your prayers, each and every night,

When you need to feel me near,

Hug this teddy bear "oh so tight!"

My love, you'll take with you

As you learn and grow.

I'm so proud of you,


~ Al Littleton

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