Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Abrielle!

Today our Princess would be 7. I just can't believe she could be that old. I still miss her everyday and wish we were celebrating her birthday with her here on Earth. I'm sure she is celebrating in Heaven and we will send some balloons up to her. I can see her running, dancing, and giggling away the day with all her angel friends. It's days like these that make the "what if's" swirl faster in my mind. Not just the "what if's" about Abby's life, but about our lives too. From the "What would our lives as a family be like now with her still here?" to "What would we be spending our 'free time' doing?" to "Would we look at the Barbies strung all throughout the house and smile like we do now?" to "Would we count every tiny blessing we experience each day the same as today?" to "Would every little hug and kiss we get from our girls mean as much as they do now?"

Happy Birthday to the little girl that changed our hearts and lives forever. We love you Abbers!

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