Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Tears

I had a wonderful surprise in my email inbox 2 weeks ago~ a letter from the family of the little boy that received Abby's liver. At first I didn't recognize the name of the sender and had it marked to delete, but then something made me stop and look again. I knew the name and sat there for the longest time before I opened the email. I had to catch my breath and prepare myself for what was inside. The words inside made the tears flow, but not nearly as much as seeing pictures of a smiling little boy. There was a picture 2 days before he received Abby's liver, months after transplant, and now, 3 years later. He is a healthy little boy now it is was so obvious how Abby's gift has changed his life and the life of his family. I looked at those pictures trying to grasp the fact that a part of our little girl is alive in him. It brought happy tears.

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