Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Making Progress

Thanks everyone for understanding my absence. I have to say that my break from added stress in my life has been a blessing. We have made the decision for me to stay home and spend time with our girls for awhile, which I am enjoying immensely. I look back at some of the decisions I have made since losing Abby and some were not what was best for my mental health in the long run. After the accident, I went back to work 7 days after we laid our little girl to rest because I didn't want to be home. The house was too empty. There were many things I left undone and still had not taken care of them in the three years since. During the last few weeks of being home, I have tackled many difficult ones, the hardest being the pictures. I finally took all the pictures off the memorial boards from the funeral, crying my eyes out as Mady helped me put them back in the albums. I am going to do my best to keep the blog up again, although it might not be daily.

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  1. Another grieving widow once told me you have to go through the trenches to get to the other side. The tears will be those of healing. May God bless you as you heart works its way through the pain, which will never go away. But may your heart begin to heal and may you be surrounded by love.