Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Prison Speech ~ Round 4

I attended the ICVC class at Maryville Treatment Center last week to give my speech to the new batch of students. I would think it would become easier each time I give the same speech, but it still invokes emotions. I still catch a few tears and this time I did not watch the placement of the laptop that plays the pictures for my speech and flipped out a little when pictures came up that I don't like to see. Warren was there to help and I was so grateful for that. This class spent a good 20 minutes asking questions and making comments. It was probably the most involved class I have had so far. It appeared that each one of them were touched as all of them spoke. There were new questions this time too. I was asked about vengeance instead of forgiveness, trying to move on, and our new family dynamics. One man even admitted that he was receiving treatment for DWI's and stated he would never do it again after hearing me speak. I told him that I hoped he stayed strong and did not, but that if he should choose to drink that he would see Abby's face before he decided to get behind the wheel.

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