Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quick Catch-up

There has been so much going on right now that sometimes life seems really crazy.  I am going to give a real quick catch-up post to touch on some and will expand and post pictures as time allows.

  • The Homecoming Parade was last Saturday and I want to thank everyone that helped build the float and came to walk.  Pictures to come soon.
  • JackJack has now been missing 2 weeks but I am still trying to cling to some hope that he will still come home.
  • The Jackson family was also able to donate Wendy's corneas, giving the gift of sight to someone.
  • We took family pictures a few weeks ago.  Full family pictures for the first time without Abby.  We had her black leotard in the pictures with us.
  • We did carve our "A" pumpkin for Abby again this year for Halloween.
  • We also had 2 pumpkins that "disappeared" from Abby's grave.  How sad.   

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  1. So glad to hear that about Wendy's donation. I know that your sweet Abby was able to keep someone else alive with her donation. Brian's body was so riddled with cancer that those life-saving organs couldn't help anyone. But his corneas were able to be used, and the letter I got from one recipient says she can look out over the mountains in Kentucky and see what she could not before. I think of that sometimes, knowing that those beautiful eyes of his are a blessing to someone else.