Saturday, December 10, 2011

He Still Knows Her

The girls were having pictures taken on Thursday so I had to find something of Abby's to put in the pictures too.  As I went into her room, JackJack came running in with me.  I have not let him in her room in about a year because the one and only time he was in there, he became sick and depressed for weeks afterwards.  I tried to send him right back out, but he ran and hid under her bed.  After I had found things for pictures, I still could not get him to come out and decided to just leave him for a little while.  When I went back in, I found him up on her bed, nose pressed to her pillow, kneading it and purring loudly.  Of course this brought me to tears.  He only does the kneading when he curls up on my stomach, so I knew he still knew his girl.  I scooped him up, carried him out, and closed the door.  As I gave him loves, he pushed away wanting down.  He went back to her door, stretched up, and started rattling the doorknob, yowling.  He wanted back in.  My heart just broke.   

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  1. I would like to know more! The poem posted here in 2009 is one I recognise. It was written by my sister in 1983 before her death that year. She was 25. Its interesting the trail it has made! She is my older sister. We grew up in a family of ten. If you please want to contact me, it would be so fullfilling.
    I live in Iowa!