Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Tearful Morning

I was woke up this morning by an automated phone call from the State.  It was not how I would have chosen to start Christmas Eve.  We have cookies to bake for Santa, food to prepare for tomorrow, a few more presents to wrap, and fun and games planned for the evening.  I did not plan on starting the day with tears and fighting to not let the depression leave me curled up on the couch all day.  It's not that my little girl would be far from my thoughts.  In fact she would be in the front of my mind as we did all these activities.  She would be missed during every second of the day the way it was.  I did not need it thrown in my face that she is gone like it was at 8 this morning.  Here is a copy of the email message I received that is essentially what the phone call was, but with a few more details.   


Re: Ryan Sundermann, Offender #: 01177786

In response to your desire to be notified, please be advised that the above named offender has been scheduled for release on a conditional release date of 1/7/2012, which is the mandatory release date required by law. In addition, the offender may earn good time credit, which would advance the release date. Upon release, please note that the remainder of the offender's sentence will be served under parole supervision.

No further notification will be sent to you unless the offender's release date is advanced or the offender is revoked and returned to a correctional facility.


  1. The last line feels like letting you know the contact and connection between your family and him is over. We all know it will never be over. But in some way, I am praying that said offender can be just that, a number and name put behind you so that all memories of Abby are lined with sunshine and smiles. While totally different from your situation, I work every single day from keeping melanoma from continuing to hurt me and my kids. I work every minute of every day (esp. during the holidays) to keep melanoma from ruining everything we have planned and all the special memories we want to remember, as well as new memories we want to make together. It is a daily trial, but I have vowed not to let melanoma rule my life and take away anymore of happiness than it has already taken from me. That is easier to say than do, but it is a feeling of triumph to know that there are certain things that melanoma can't take away. My hope is for you too, that offender #01177786 will be out of your life for good, and that only good memories will be celebrated, only new precious memories made, and only good comes from the life of your sweet Abby. I will pray that everyday for you.

  2. This person will be out of your life if you let him. Remember you opted to have this notification sent to you. It was your choice and so you received what you wanted. You knew this day was coming. It was really no big surprise. I'm sure he would like to out of your life but remember you have th monthly payment of $1.oo that you will be receiving so hecan't really be out of your life. All these things were choice. Sorry you both can't be done with each other but circumstances prevent that.

  3. whoever you are please do not visit this site again if your intent is to hurt. Thank you........... I did not ask for any of this to happen to my family and neither did you but what are you doing good out of this circumstance but don't attack my family. We are doing good out of my nieces death and good for others. Everyday I think I am going to wake up and this was all a horrible nightmare but it is not it is reality. I ask that you find peace because your son is reunited with you. Please do not visit this site again.