Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Ramblings

Christmas is all but here and it has been a struggle like usual for me. 

It started the day before Thanksgiving for me as I ran to Walmart to grab a birthday gift.  I was standing in the toy aisle, looking at all the boy toys when I began to notice the holiday songs and the Christmas decor.  My chest started to tighten and the anxiety started to flow.  I made up my mind rather quickly about what I would be purchasing and made my exit. 

The next evening after our family dinner, our evening plans were made.  It was decided my sisters were taking the kids to see two different movies and my Mom and I would try to make a couple of purchases during the sales.  I knew from the day before that I might not be able to handle the store, but we would give it a try.  Unfortunately my prediction was correct and I only lasted about 10 minutes in the store before I was calling my Mom to tell her it was just too much.  I could feel the panic attack starting and knew I had to leave before it progressed any further.

Instead I have been online shopping more this year and it has really helping me in dealing with the holidays by avoiding the stores as much as I can. 

We also finally gave in and put the trees all up in one day last weekend so it was all over at once. 

Pictures are done and we had family ones done too this year. 

We used Abby's little red leather purse she had gotten for Christmas her last year with us to the pictures this year. 

Here is a glimpse at how our Christmas cards are this year. (Hopefully I get them mailed.)
Wishing you ~


& Joy
And the good thing is there is just a week left and I can be done for another year. 

(And yes, I am doing my best to avoid the recent tragedy in the news because it just brings too many emotions back up for me.)

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