Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Two Trees Are Up

Despite me not wanting to have them out yet, we put up the two main Christmas trees in the house over the weekend, one on Friday night and one on Saturday. It is good that we do this a little at a time for me because I am not sure that I can handle being thrown into the holiday in one big shove. It is still hard for me to decorate the trees. There are just too many memories associated with this event that it really makes me realize I'm missing a little girl to help. The ornaments we hang have been held in her little hands. The magical ornaments have had their buttons pushed by her little fingers as she watched in amazement the first time Mickey Mouse danced or Winnie the Pooh ice skated. The beads have been draped so lovingly by Abby in years past, even if they were all in the same spot. The angel on the top has been placed there by Abrielle as Marc hoisted her up to the top to do the honors in the years it was her turn. The trees themselves have held her gifts beneath them that she was so excited to see. I do my best to not dwell on these facts as we are making new memories with our other girls, but it is a tough. It is the beginning of another Christmas in our house and I am not sure that our third year without her here will be any easier than last year.

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