Friday, January 29, 2010

Need Ideas

Our family has a trip planned for March to go to Walt Disney World. Sounds like it should be fun for all of us, right, but this is actually not the first time we have planned to go to Disney. We had made a promise to two little girls three years ago that we would take them to there. Obviously this was the same year tragedy struck and those plans were no more. It has taken three years and a nine-year-old reminding us every so often that we still have not taken this promised vacation before we have finally decided that we were ready to give it a try. This will be our first family vacation without our Abrielle. (Not really sure I can call it a family vacation with her missing) So, here's where I am looking for ideas from everyone ~ I want to make sure our Abby is still included in this trip. I am thinking of having the girls release a balloon to Heaven while we are there, but not sure what else to do. I always have my bracelet on and have her permanently with me through my tattoo, but was looking for any other ideas anyone might have.

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  1. It has been a long time since I have been on here but am catching mentioned that when you have girls' pictures taken that you put something in them that belong to Abby. You could take something with you and whenever you take the girls' picture you could put that special something of Abby's in there for the picture. Just a thought.