Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Visit

With the immenent snow that is to come, I decided I had better get another visit in to Abby while I could. The drive to the cemetery had been cleaned out at the end of last week due to a burial there and Marc had scooped us a path to her site, so Elly and I stopped on our way home (Mady was with Marc). We made our way down the path to see her, Elly talking the whole way, saying, "We going to see Abby." When we got to the front of her stone, Elly patted Abby's picture and said, "There's Abby." I replied, "Yes, that's Abby." Elly went about digging in the snow a bit as I stood next to Abby's stone. I ran my had over her picture and Elly saw me crying. She gave me a puzzled look, so I said, "I miss Abby." She said, "I miss her too Mommy" and gave her picture a kiss, which made more tears flow. I wonder sometimes what her little mind comprehends and what she knows and sees.

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  1. I'm so sorry for your pain~! hugs, Darla