Monday, September 20, 2010

Memorial Service

Some people come into our lives
And leave footprints on our hearts
And we are never, ever the same.

We left messages for Abby on leaves we pinned to the tree again this year.

The Service was nice as usual and I feel it is nice to have a day of remembrance with other families like us.  There was a large crowd this year of around 500 families.  Following the beautiful song, "Playin' with the Angels" by Christy Simpson, a welcome, and a prayer, the following Litany of Remembrance was recited~

We gather to praise you God, for the gift of the children we honor today - for the joy, laughter, and love they brought into our world.

Thank you for the support and comfort of our family and friends who walk the journey of grief and mourning with us.

Grant us peace as we remember that these children no longer know pain or tears but are free from their suffering and strife.

Help us to be patient and kind to ourselves, and one another, when darkness overwhelms us and we sit in despair.

As we lift up each precious child who had died in this memorial service, fill our hearts to overflow with hope and love.  Touch us with an awareness of your guiding presence and sustain us with your mercy and grace.  Amen 

This was followed by the quilt dedication for this year and the song "Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)" by the Dixie Chicks.  We then listened to one of the chaplains speak.  "Somewhere over the Rainbow" was then sang and I was up next.

My speech went well.  For some reason, even after giving speeches as much as I have lately, I was still nervous.  I was doing really well until at one point I looked up to see Mady in tears.  She still never cries, so this just ripped at my heart.  I wanted so bad to just run off the stage and leave my speech unfinished to comfort her.  I knew I couldn't and had a hard time keeping it together. 

After my speech was the butterfly release.  

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