Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Words of Encouragement

I received letters from 4 offenders that were in the last ICVC class I spoke to. They were full of thanks and words of encouragement and I really appreciated getting them. Here are a few excerpts from the letters.
"It was a very touching and moving experience for me. It opened my eyes to a complete different level. It is one thing to watch a video of a victim of a victim but when you have the pleasure of actually being able to experience it in person it truly changes you."
"It made me realize that I had victimized alot more than just the people I committed my crimes against. You have truly changed my life for the better."
"...your story and tragedy truly effected me and will forever change the way I view a victim and all the emotional effects it has on you and everyone around you."
"Sometimes people like us need to see the impact that our crimes have on victims and I saw it that day."
"Many of our crimes are committed through ignorance and selfishness, whether they are intentional or not makes little difference when it comes to the suffering and loss or our victims. Through your courage and unselfishness you have brought this unfortunate fact to light for me and the other offenders who heard you speak."

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