Monday, February 14, 2011

Family Circle Ceremony

Saturday I spoke at the Family Circle Ceremony at Childrens Mercy Hospital about our story of organ donation.  The Ceremony started with pictures of the 2011 Donate Life Rose bowl Parade Float.  This year's theme was "Seize the Day" and was a kite design.  Scott Seetin, kidney recipient, spoke about helping with and riding on the float along with his story of receiving a kidney.  There were three news stations in attendance and I did an interview with KCTV5.  I have not found the link to that story, but here is a link to one on Fox 4.,0,1974393.story

Also, here are a few of my words from my speech.  

"Organ donation has always been something that I felt strongly about.  From the time I was 16 I made sure the back of my driver's license was signed and told my parents that I wanted to donate if something should happen.  After Marc and I were married, I let him know my wishes and we agreed that donation was something we would do for each other.  We never could have imagined that it would be our little girl's organs we would donate instead of ours."

"After the mind-numbing shock of losing our daughter wore off, the giving the gift of life brought not only tears to our eyes, but also smiles to our faces.  Somehow, knowing a part of our Abby lives on, improving the life of someone else, brings a certain feeling of comfort.  It is a comfort that brings a sense of purpose from our tragedy.  No matter if I am speaking to offenders at prisons as a victim of a crime, to high school students about drinking and driving, to people about the Abrielle Neff Foundation established in her memory, or to other grieving families, the one fact I make sure I never leave out is that in death Abby was a hero.  She saved lives through donation." 

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  1. It was a true pleasure to meet you and your family. You guys are an incredible family and hope nothing but the best for you! You did a great job speaking and telling your story. Thanks for all you have done.

    Scott Seetin