Thursday, February 10, 2011

Talking with Elly

The Preschool is currently gathering donations for the Foundation since Abby was a part of their class.  Yesterday we made some purchases for Elly to take to school that included 3 stuffed animals, a baby doll, 2 card games, and 2 color wonder sets.  Elly understood that these were for kids at the hospital, but kept trying to keep one for her own, which of course did not happen.  She even tried this morning as we were sorting them into the separate boxes outside the classroom.  Then we talked about all the pictures of Abrielle the teachers had put up.  She pointed to each one, "That's Abby"  "That's our Abby, right."  "And there's Sissy too."  "Who's that kitty?"  We talked about each one of those little pictures.  It really pleases me that she recognizes her big sis, even though sometimes she does think it is herself in the picture.   

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