Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Donation Thanks

Thank you to Aubrey Jones for sharing her birthday with the Foundation!  She requested items for us instead of gifts for herself.  Thanks so much!

Thanks to all the EFE preschoolers that brought in donations during the month of February!  It really touches me that the classes continue to do this each year.

We also received a thank you note and donation from a family that received an Abby's Hugs at St Francis ER.  Here is a bit of it.  "What a great program you are running.  What a super way to honor the life of a beautiful angel!  Our son who is a year old received one of your bears in the ER last week and it made our stay a whole lot nicer.  We left the house without his 'night-night' and he took to that little bear!  What a nice surprise it was when they came in with it!  The little bear also traveled to Childrens Mercy with us later that night!  So thank you dearly!!"

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