Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Double Talk Day

Today I spoke at the Maryville Treatment Center again, but this was my first time speaking twice in one day, which made things a bit harder.  I was really pleased with how well I did in both classes, but did feel a little on autopilot for the second session.  The men thanked me like usual for having the courage to tell our story and it seemed to move many of them.  I did have a couple of firsts this time.  During one class as I spoke a young man just kept smirking at me the whole time.  By the end of class I was ready to speak some not very kind words to him, but instead asked the instructors if they saw the man's reaction.  They did and have he returned to the room after the break one sat down to ask him what he thought of the presentation.  It turns out that this must be his coping mechanism because he was touched by my speech.  In the next class a man was so touched that he wanted more specific information, but I did not provide that.  Of course there was a lot of interest in doing something to help the Foundation either while still incarcerated or upon release.    

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