Sunday, March 13, 2011

Finally Getting To It

This has lived in my dining room for almost 4 years now. 


A file box full of folders we started with good intentions of putting everything from the accident in, but never really happened.  Instead, all the bills, correspondence from the Prosecuting Attorney, our attorney, the Highway Patrol, the Corrections System, insurance companies, all ended up just tossed in.  When that box became full, we filled up the picnic basket.  The big box, well it's filled with newspapers and what else I'm not sure after all this time.  I have tried on more than one occasion to start the process, but always ended up in a pile of kleenex and tears.  I decided that it was time to try again and was actually able to make some progress this time.  I sorted out everything in the black file box and put them in the folders like should have been done in the beginning.  Then I started on the picnic basket.  I kept the same process up, not really looking at anything beyond enough to know which folder it should go in.  Then I hit some roadblocks.  There were drawings folded in half with "To: Abby From: Mady (or Sissy)".  Then I found a Memory Book Mady had made in first grade.  It was filled with heartbreaking drawings, notes, and memories.  Then there was the drawings of our family which included this one   

In every drawing Abby has wings and a halo.  These were all from the end of First Grade too.  I had been at this process for over two hours when I found these things.  Needless to say the tears began to fall heavily and I was once again surrounded by kleenex.  I stopped where I was, leaving the rest of the picnic basket and the big box to sort.  

Despite the tears and painful memories that this chore brought up, I did feel better at the end of the day knowing that I was over halfway done with a task I had been needing to do for almost four years. 

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