Friday, May 13, 2011

Music Program

Last night Elly had a spring music program for preschool which they had been practicing for for weeks.  I have heard all the songs daily in the car on our trips to and from town and she was ready to sing them loud.  What I didn't realize about the program was who the preschool class was performing with on some songs.  The note came home a week ago laying out how the evening was to go, from where to drop off your child and where to pick them up to which grade levels would be singing together.  Preschool was to sing with the second graders.   Even as I read this, nothing clicked.  It wasn't until we were walking Elly into the building that I realized who the second graders were.  This was Abby's class.  As I lead Elly through the classroom and to her teachers, several of Abby's friends yelled and waved.  I smiled back glad to see that they still know who I am after all this time.  I sat in silence through most of performance by the second graders as the fact that we should have a second grader up there too.  They were then joined by the preschool class. You could see siblings looking for each other as the little ones were led up on stage.  We should have two girls on stage at this point.  We should have a proud big sister looking for her "mini me".   As the concert ended and we shared hugs with some other parents, I made the comment that of all the classes to perform together, what were the odds.  Bittersweet to watch as Abby's classmates grow up.   

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