Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Memories

Saturday we had dance recital for our girls.  It is always hard for me to watch the dance recital as I am reminded of our little dancer that is not there, but do enjoy watching our other two perform.  It is one of those events that I now mentally prepare myself for before I go.  Unfortunately I was not prepared enough.  Three routines had me fighting tears.  Two were sister dances, the first song even talking about how to dance after her sister died.  The other was a tribute song that had a little girl talking about Heaven.

We also had another first this weekend.  Sunday we went fishing for the first time without Abby.  Elly had gotten a Princess fishing pole for her birthday and was ready to try it out.  The girls dug up worms for the outing and I was reminded so much of our last fishing excursion with Abby.  I remember taking pictures as they pulled worms from the dirt as Marc scooped it up with the shovel.  I remember how the worms didn't even phase our bug-loving Abby, but Mady didn't like touching them.  I remember how excited and proud Abby was as she caught her first fish on her Nemo fishing pole.  These memories were echoed as Elly gladly got muddy and slimy gathering worms and then again later as she was thrilled with her catches on her Princess pole.      

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