Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Six area schools attended the docudrama.
While I was not there for the beginning, I did see some of the mock accident outside. The accident occurred while the driver was under the influence of alcohol and texting. No one was wearing seat belts. There were five people in the car. Here rescue workers work to free a young lady trapped under the car.

Here the driver is given a sobriety test. LifeNet leaves with an injured passenger. The passenger trapped didn't survive. The coroner pronounced her and the hearse came to take her away.Inside, students had to walk past a closed casket and a table full of pictures and memorabilia of the student that didn't survive. The students were then led into one of the two movie theatres being used. A movie was shown by the Highway Patrol that showed accident scenes, interviewed families and officers, and talked about road safety (buckling up, obeying speed limits, etc). Following the movie, Sgt Lyons spoke about an accident he worked. Then it was my turn to speak. There were tears from both me and students in the audience as I talked and played a slide show. I then left and went to speak in the other room. I know there were other speakers, including Pastor Paul McKim, and family members of two young men that lost their lives in an accident.

I sincerely hope that my words and tears create a lasting impression on some of these lives. Our pain is real and is a daily battle. If my speech saves just one life, it was worth every second of my uncomfortableness as I spoke.

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