Friday, July 25, 2008

Fireworks and a parade

As I am sure most all of you are aware, tomorrow night is our annual fireworks gathering. I thought it would be a good day to share a picture of our little pyro in action. Abrielle was a little timid at first and was always ready to run from the fireworks almost before they were lit. She and Mady always had so much fun with smoke balls and would get so mad with Winston when he would pick them up before they were done smoking.

In Foundation news, I was going to post some pictures from the parade last weekend, but don't seem to have them with me today. Crew members from the Foundation helped build a float that consisted of a little red barn, straw bales, and real corn stalks. Kelly and Susan Martin took the lead at the parade, carrying the Foundation banner (thank you Accent Printing), followed by the pickup pulling the float. We handed out over 700 popcicles, which did not last until the end of the route. Thankfully we had suckers too. We know for next year to plan on more kids than what we thought. I also need to thank Northwest Sign Company (Kevin and Jen Pitts) for the thank you signs. They looked great! I hope to add pictures soon, inluding one of the cow (Teresa) that walked with us.


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