Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Justice. This is a word Marc and I have tried to come to grips with for quite some time. It angers us to read how the laws work. It angers us when we read on the internet that a man gets 10 years for failing to return library books. http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/25600610/ Yes, I see he sold them, but come on, it's books! Today is another day in which justice comes into question for us. It is reported in the paper today that a young lady received 10 years for felony stealing and felony forgery. I am in no way trying to make this crime any less than what it is, but it's not a life. It goes to say later that another man was sentenced to 4 years for DWI. Is this sentence to say that our little girl's life is just worth 2 more years?! http://www.maryvilledailyforum.com/news/x1346894420/Wal-Mart-thief-gets-two-years We in NO way want to convey that we were not pleased by the job that David Baird and his office did because we know he did all he could to the extent of the law. He explained everything to us and made sure we knew what was going on every step of the way. We thank him for doing all that he did. It's the legal system, the laws, that anger us. It's the fact that the things that warrant stiffer penalties are the ones with loopholes that let the criminals escape barely touched. It's the fact that someone can be sent to prision longer for writing a bad check or growing mushrooms than for taking the life of an innocent little girl. It's the fact that the system that is supposed to protect us from criminals sets them free to graduate and earn a degree after their third offense. It's the fact that of the amount of time an offender is sentenced to, only a third to half of it is served behind bars. It's the fact that the time Sundermann will have to serve will be less time than the time we were allowed to have with our Abrielle. It's the fact that he will not even have to serve one year for every year of her life behind bars. Do you see justice? I think the value the justice system places on a life needs to be questioned. I leave you with this thought....What is justice?

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