Thursday, July 31, 2008


Tonight my sister Becci will graduate from Northwest. While this is a joyous occasion for her, she brought the facts to my attention. She graduated high school in 2004 when Abby was almost one, now four years later she is graduating without Abby and Elly is just over a year old. Abby LOVED her Aunt Becci! She came out to play with the girls all the time and would do special things with them.
Abby making Aunt Becci pretty with lip gloss!

For those of you that know Elly, the similarities between her and Abby are uncanny. Elly is a dare devil just like Abs. She has moments when we think we are looking at Abby with just a few differences (blue eyes and chubby cheeks like Mady had). While we smile at all these moments, you can't help but feel the tugs on your heart too. I have shared with just a few people some of our experiences since we lost Abby that prove Heaven has holes, last night was another one. I was getting Elly out of the tub and wrestling her jammies on her like usual (no time to be still) when she just stopped and looked up at the pictures on the wall. She said HI and smiled. I picked her up and said Who you saying hi to. I thought she was going to choose Mady and say Sissy. Instead she picked Abby's picture out from the wall of pictures. Just another one of those moments when we stop and think that there are things we don't fully understand...another small hole that Heaven cames through... sometimes we get more than just pennies.

Elly at 1


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