Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fair Memories ~

Anything that brings joy and excitement to the faces of our girls also brings heartache to us. We just can't seem to experience one without the other. These two emotions that should be at the opposite ends of the spectrum are now one in the same in my life. This weekend was just another one of those nights. We took the girls to the Hopkins Picnic for them to enjoy the festivities, which they did. Of course we enjoyed the time with our girls, watching their faces light up as they ran from ride to ride, but our Abby was never far from our minds. We only had to look at each other to know we were both feeling it. These feelings, coupled with the pieces of Abby we see in our Elly, made the evening more emotional for me. For our Elly, the wilder the ride the better, which is so much like our Abby. I try so hard to not compare them, but there are just moments that I can see my Abby shining through in Elly's personality, almost like she has a little coach. I know she's not learning some of these things from Mady because they are just opposites. I am thankful for those glimpses I am able to see.

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