Friday, July 24, 2009

National Donor Recognition Ceremony

The National Donor Recognition Ceremony was held on Sunday, July 19th. Over the next few posts, I will be sharing details of this wonderful ceremony to honor all those who have gave the gift of life.

The ceremony was hosted by the US Department of Health and Human Services, the National Kidney Foundation, and TRIO (Transplant Recipients International Organization).

During the ceremony, transplant recipients spoke. A young 16 year old and her Mom talked about what her heart transplant meant to their family and how life is now normal for her, except for a few more doctor visits and a few more medications than her friends. A double lung recipient then performed a Spanish dance for the audience. The man never became short of breath and danced flawlessly. Another woman spoke about how the gift of sight literally opened up her world again.

I would like to finish this post by listing the names of all the donors that we honored during the ceremony.

Deceased Donors ~
Otto William Abel, Skyler Albright, Kyle Andersen, Jenna Mae Arnett, Justine Avendt, Cole Richard Baldwin, Tony Ball, Ron Barham, Stacey Lydell Bates, Edward William Berryhill, Jennifer Kress Blalock, Christopher R Boehm, Caitlin Marie Boles, Jared Daniel Bowers, Malcolm M Brinson, Susan Marie Brunhuber, Lawrence James "LJ" Buchanan, Hunter Michael Burns, Katie Lynn Buskirk, Patrick Michael Butler, Cory Carlson, Austin Rhett Carter, David Franklin Cato, Sean Patrick Clegg, Regina Rose Collins, Michael Scott Crozier, Tony D'Acquisto, Bhakti Datta, Jazmyne Davis, Marc William Dawson, Barrett J Dederick, Katie DeRosa, Maria Susanne Diaz, Warren Niel Dougherty, William Gregory Driscoll Jr, David Edgecomb, Ryan Evans, Dylan R Flew, Ana Maria Flores, Jesse David Frank, Justin Franks, Christine Fulghum, Stella Naomi Furjanic, Jasmine Garcia, James (Jimmy) Ginter, Michelle Marie Greever, Michael David Hall, Krysta Hankee, Shelby Amanda Harper, Carolyn Harrell, Julie Ann Harris, Dustin J Hart, Paul Travis Hickey, James C Hill Jr, Zachary Taylor Hutchens, Joseph A "Badger" Hutson, Darryl Iriny, Christopher Jacobs, Amanda Jensen, Matthew Alexander Johnson, Bradley Jordan, Louis Herman King III, Steven T Largent, Abigail Lear, Sadie May Logan, Victor Lozada, Hedaia Madi, Hunter Vincent Magro, Julianna Grace Martin, Addie Mathis, William Patrick McAndrew Jr, Paul Andrew McDaniel, James McDowell, Gary Lenzie McInnis, Leo Mehringer, Marilyn Mehringer, Chelsea Ann Metzger, Denton Wayne Miller, Todd Davis Miller, Gary Lee Montgomery, Ron Mosely, Karen L Musto, Abrielle Lauryn Neff, Warren L Ohlinger, Alvaro Ortega, John Robert Parker Sr, Timothy Daniel Parker, Shirita Latoy Peay, Tribhawan G (Anand) Persaud, Daniel Martin Polhemus, Jeffrey John Plmkala, Amber Dawn Poynter, Jared Rainey, William G Reinbold, Chelsea Beth Richardson, Debra Robinson, Brandon C Rutledge, Cassandra G Sandvick, Darlene F Schmitt, Stephen J Schoenfeld, Jeffery John Shetler, Evin J Shoap, Holland Dru Shoemake, Travis G Shollenberger, James Smith, Douglas B Smyly Jr, Kali Nichole Sparks, Christoper Spencer, Adam Christoper Stull, John Talbot, Eugene "Chuck" Taylor, Amaya Elise Thomas, Jordan Scott Underwood, Deborah Bargas, Robert Stephan Warburton, Davis Warner, Michael Weadock, Carol Weed, Gene Wilson, Charles William Wintzell, Brian Wynne, Allen J Zenker, Jason Erik Zepel

Living Donors~
Sherri Bauman, George Blank, Alan Brandon Sr, Laleise D Curtiss, Monica Davy, Vivian Ferebee, Terri Goodwin, Scott Greene, Ruth Ann Hess, Jenny Hoover, Todd Miller, Violet Mousseaux Crow Good Voice, Robert Oshinsky, Christina Plummer, Howard Pritchard, Andrea Riegler, Alice Marie Siete-Nevel, Janet Suker, Lora Ward Wilson


  1. Thank you for including my daughter, Hedaia Madi, on the list. Your site is lovely. As one donor mom to another, thank you and God Bless you.

  2. Thank you for remembering our loved ones in such a special way, that they will never be forgotten. As a donor mother, your pain is beyond words, but knowing that your precious one was able to give their last gift to another is comforting and helps the healing process. They are always with us, through our laughter and our tears, and holding us up when we need them the most. Thank you again.
    Robin Buskirk, donor mom of Katie Lynn Buskirk