Friday, July 31, 2009

Letters from Tissue Recipients

We were given a book of letters from tissue recipients and I would like to share some of those letters to help everyone see how important the gift of tissue is too.

"...Because of you, our daughter, now ten, has two legs to walk on. Two years ago, a bone tumor left her with fear and pain. .... Your loved one will ride with our daughter on her bike, play in the cool waters of the lake and dance at her first prom. Your sacrifice has restored her laughter and returned her childhood."

"... I am 22 years old and have had three prior knee surgeries. This was my final attempt at a healthy, functional knee. Today I took my first steps without crutches and no pain at all..."

"... I recently had two operations to fuse my spine and repair my left arm. Before surgery, I was in constant pain in my shoulders and left arm and had unrelenting headaches. Since the operations I have not had one headache and most of the pain is gone already. I am finally free of pain medications! I am now confident that when my first grandbaby is born in a few months that I will be able to hold him/her safely and be the grandparent I want to be. ..."

" ... In July 2007, I received tissue to repair three bones in my left foot and to lengthen my Achilles tendon due to a slippage of my heel bone. This was all done to keep from having my foot amputated. ..."

"... I am a 42 year old woman experiencing my second bout with breast cancer. My tissue transplant was provided during my surgery for a bilateral mastectomy an reconstruction. I am mending well and I believe the tissue transplant has aided greatly in keeping a positive self-image and reducing the shock the surgery had on me emotionally. ..."

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