Monday, July 27, 2009

Gift of Life Donor

At the National Donor Recognition Ceremony, we were given a medal and a certificate to honor Abby.

The medal included the following ~

Each year the lives of thousands of men, women and children are saved or greatly improved through the miracle of transplantation. The true heroes behind the miracle are the living and deceased donors who gave the Gift of Life and the families who made it possible. Words cannot possible express the gratitude of those whose lives have been helped.

For this reason, the Gift of Life Donor medal and pins were established. They were created as a remembrance for those who helped improve the lives of others through organ and tissue donation. The medal was designed as a keepsake or to be placed on the memorial at the cemetery. They are symbols of the gifts given by living and deceased donors. The medal's designer described the inspiration and meaning for the design as follows:

The Gift of Life Donor touches and gives new life to others. The donor touches the hand of the recipient, and passes on the precious gift of life (the heart) and love (the rose). The magnificent and honorable giving of oneself is illustrated in the rays extending from the heart.

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