Thursday, July 23, 2009

National Quilt Pinning

We were able to attend the quilt pinning ceremony to place our square on the next panel of the National Quilt, which is up to 36 panels now. This meant more to me than just mailing in the square like I have done on the other quilts Abby is on. This was an emotional moment for me as you will be able to see from the pictures.

The quilt panels look like white sheets before the ceremony began.

I had my tough face on and held back the tears through every one's stories about their squares. I waited until the end to pin Abrielle's square, hoping to keep the tears away. Unfortunately that didn't happen as I told about the square to honor my little girl. (That's one of my new friends from the trip with me Jan O. She's wonderful!)

This is the pinned quilt from everyone at the ceremony. Many more squares were mailed in and they will be added to the panels too. Once the panel is added to the website, I will add a link and tell everyone what number panel Abrielle's square is on.

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