Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Abby Loved the Snow

From the time she was big enough to walk and be in the snow, Abrielle loved it. This seems kind of strange since she was such a little thing, she would get cold really easily (Randi and Kara can vouch for this), but we always had a hard time getting her to come inside. Her cheeks and nose would be red and her teeth would be chattering, but she would still say that she wasn't ready to come inside when we were sledding. Just to prove how much our little girl loved the snow, here's a picture of her....

Notice anything? She has on her nightgown and put on jammie pants, her snow boots, and her "big snow coat" and was ready to head outside to play. Obviously I didn't let her go out like that, but had to get her to pose for a picture before she changed.

This was taken February 25, 2007...two years ago today. I still have a hard time with the fact that my little girl is gone, much less the fact that it has been almost two years. It literally still seems like she was hear just yesterday. I still have vivid dreams about Abby doing something and when I wake up, it takes a few moments before I realize it was just a dream and she is still gone. I long to have all three girls together, three sisters able to play, laugh, run, and dance together. That was the way it was supposed to be.

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