Friday, February 13, 2009

Family Circle Celebration

We will be attending the Family Circle Celebration on Saturday at CMH to honor Abrielle's gift of life and to receive the vial from the Rose Parade Float. We will be getting to see some of the behind the scenes work on the float and get to watch the rose dedication ceremony. We will also be able to meet other donor families from CMH that will be there. I think this will be good for us to have some other "been there" friends. Somehow, that bond just forms immediately and we know how each other feel without words. I'll update about our experiences on Monday.

We receive a newsletter from Midwest Transplant Network each month and I wanted to share a couple of stories that were in it from the Rose Parade. The float had riders from the midwest area, which I thought was neat. A heart recipient from Bonner Springs had the opportunity to ride and said this about his experience, "Riding the float was very emotional as the people in the crowd and on the float just put a lot of feeling in the air, and you could sense it was something special. I highly recommend the experience to anyone. Working on the float was a tedious chore and makes you appreciate how much work each one of those floats takes. The float judging was the most touching moment as the music was played for the first time, and we were all on our spots on the float. Even two of the three judges cried."
Cody Prewitt, Harrisonville, was honored with a floragraph at the top of the float. Cody donated seven organs and his corneas following a fatal car accident in 2004. His family was able to decorate his star and had this to say, "It was such an honor that we got to attend this event in honor of Cody, and these are memories we will cherish forever. Cody's floragraph was beautiful; I cried when they showed it to us."
What an honor for these two families. Maybe someday we can attend the parade in person to experience the magic of the float in person.
The 2010 Tournament of Roses Parade has announced its theme as "2010: A Cut Above The Rest"

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