Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sewing Success

Saturday was a HUGE success! There were 11 sewing machines running, 7 people embroidering, 2 people cutting, 2 people stuffing, and one person sewing the critters closed for most of the day. Somehow a system emerged from at the beginning of the day, and flowed through to the end. Some came later in the day, some had to leave before the day was over, and some were there for the duration. Here's a look at the sewers hard at work.
And here's some embroidering.
And just look at some of their work before the critters were stuffed.

We don't want to forget the cutters and face drawers either.

Me? I stuffed, along with some of the other ladies. Here's Beth, stuffing away.
Mady and Chloe stuffed a few too. It was really cute. Mady said "This is more fun than Build A Bear because these are for other kids."

The critters were then lovingly stitched closed. And awaited bows. In all, we completed 79 bears/bunnies/kitties and have 13 more to sew and stuff. Can you believe that....92 critters were made and filled with love in a day of sewing! Thank you Pam and Donna for doing this for the Foundation. And thank you to everyone that helped out in some way. What a wonderful way to give back!
Each one of these will be bagged with a special card stating that they were hand sewn with love at Sew For Fun.

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  1. Many hands make light work...it was fun too!