Thursday, February 5, 2009

News & Updates

There was a wonderful article in the Daily Forum about the girls with WN FCCLA and their speech. Here is the link

I was also told the most wonderful news...the girls are going to state!! How exciting is that! I am so happy for the girls because they did such a wonderful job on their speech and the community service project. Good luck in March girls!

Also, be listening on the radio for Tricia Deen. She will be competing for Miss Missouri and has chosen for her platform to incorporate MADD and the Foundation. She is going to be becoming very active in the Foundation to learn all she can, so you might see her with me at various functions and speaking events. She will be taking the name of the Foundation to places where only her crown and sash will allow her to go, places we can't. How great!

It is overwhelming sometimes the amount of people our little girl has touched. How our story and the story of the Foundation have become inspiration to some. How people are taking things to the next level for us. The attention both the Miss Missouri pageant and the State FCCLA Contest will generate will be amazing for the Foundation. What an honor they have chosen us, out of all the options of topics out there, to talk about.

(Look at the places you're going Abbers!)

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