Monday, February 16, 2009

Butterfly Pick-Me-Up

I received a wonderful spirit lifter last week, and what perfect timing. Last week was my annual audit at work, so everything you saw posted was made up to post ahead of time since it's way too stressful that week. I had just been flipping through the mail in my basket, saving it for later, when a package caught my eye. I opened a small manila envelope to find a pink crocheted butterfly with a note attached. The note said it was from an organization called Angels for Hope. It said, "Someone special has requested that you receive this 'Wings of Hope' so that you would know that you are loved and cared about. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Hugs - Angels for Hope" What a wonderful surprise and pick-me-up. Mine was sent anonymously, so thanks to whomever sent me this gift. It is beautiful and I have a thing for pink butterflies, so it is perfect.

Here's their website They are a nonprofit that sends out hand crocheted angels, butterflies, and smiley faces to those in need of hope. Maybe you know someone that needs one?

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