Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Confirmation Class Donation

St. Gregory's High School Confirmation Class took on the Abrielle Neff Foundation as one of their Advent causes. They sold Advent calendars and candles to raise $100 for the Foundation. Their goal ~ to grow in the community that has generously nurtured them, to show their appreciation. I think they accomplished their goals. The students in the top picture are ~ Brent Ginther, Jordan Stiens, Keri Waldier, Libby Howell, Colton Mattson, Tracy Jenson, Jacqueline Schulte, Kenzie Waldier, and Melanie Spinnato. The students in the bottom photo are ~ Sarah Schuman, Jessica From, Becca Seipel, Bryce Coulter, Trevor Sybert, and Colton Ruehter. Thank you!

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