Thursday, October 8, 2009

Heaven Bound Balloon

The newest challenge at was to get a kid's perspective. Thoughts swirled around of all the different takes I could have on this challenge, but I finally chose to do a layout on how Mady includes Abby in celebrations still. This is actually of the first time she decided to send a balloon to Heaven to Abby ~ her first birthday without her here.

The journaling reads ~ Sending balloons to Heaven for Abby is just one way Mady shares special days with her sister. This was at her 7th birthday and the first without Abby. 4/07


  1. Great lo Brenda...very touching!

  2. This is wonderful ... I love how Mady still includes Abby in her celebrations. (((hugs)))

  3. what a beautiful layout and what a great way to remember to include her sister even now!

  4. omg. This is amazing, Brenda. I'm so in love with this sentiment and am so glad you shared it! After my dad died, my mom got all the grandkids balloons to release at our own private memorial a few days after the funeral. Such an awesome idea...wishing now that I'd remembered sooner and had gotten my boys balloons to release on the anniversary of his death each year.