Monday, October 5, 2009

On My Soapbox

I try not to drag out my soapbox much on this blog, but am going to subject you to a bit today. I was reading the Northwest Missourian this week and found the Stroller's article to be appalling. It was titled "Your Man say high school is over." The first sentence started my anger. It says, "Your man wants to know why freshmen aren't out getting drunk." Well, lets see, maybe because they are underage would be a good reason. It continue saying, "When I look back on my freshman year I can remember parties and got too drunk and don't remember some parties. Those were the best nights. I remember getting so drunk only because I had to take care of my girlfriend the night before and wanted to return the favor. Now that's true love ...." It goes on to end by saying, "Now I hope this has given all of you enough courage to find your way out of your dorm rooms, and go have some good times you'll never forget. Or if your lucky enough, you'll never remember." Wow! Should we just have a big freshman drunk fest to make the author feel better?! I cannot believe this was published! Yes they put a disclaimer on the bottom stating, "The Stroller has been a tradition since 1918 and does not reflect the views of the The Northwest Missourian." Northwest is a dry campus, yet they allow this anonymous author to try and add to the pressure already felt by these new college students. Is this author going to pay the fines for the MIPs these students receive? Is he going to be held responsible when they get behind the wheel? Cause an accident? Instead, these freshmen should be praised for deciding that the path of education is more valuable than the drunken memories the Stroller thinks they need to have.


  1. oh my gosh, how disturbing.Why would they think it is ok to publish that?! Darla

  2. you can clearly see that the anonyomous writer has never looked into the eyes of a mother and father that has lost a child to a drunk driver. i agree with everything you said!!

  3. how about writing a letter to the editor? Maybe open their eyes to this nonsense!