Friday, October 2, 2009

Imate Coloring Books

While I was at the Treatment Center, I was presented with 220 coloring books the inmates put together for the Foundation. They used donated wallpaper samples for the covers and hand drew some of the pictures inside for the kids to color.

Here is offender Giles Chapman presenting me with some of the coloring books. He has worked hard at overseeing the making of these by himself and other offenders and I want to thank him for helping out the Foundation.
The back of each book is stamped to show that they were made through the facility's Restorative Justice Program.I wanted to show some of the wonderful artwork that is included in these books~


  1. wow brenda that is great they looked to have done a great job!!!
    max jackson

  2. Wow - those are some incredible drawings! What a wonderful gift.