Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Little Things

There are still days that we are caught off guard by something, causing that lump to jump up in our throats and the tears to well up. Most of the time when this happens, it's not something big that has been planned out or anything we could have prepared for at all. It's always the little things that you just don't suspect.

At supper the other night, Elly was playing with her supper instead of eating it, and started making little circles in two different spots. As she was making one she had a little sing-song in her voice and was saying "Molly". The second spot of circles, she did the same thing, only saying "Abby". This just totally caught us off guard. We are not sure how she put the two together because we have never said that Molly was in Heaven with Abby or anything of the sort. (We asked each other to confirm) When Molly died, we simply told Elly that she went bye-bye and was all gone ~ terms she could understand. Plus, she doesn't talk about Abby unless she sees her picture and then she will tell you who she is, but that's it. Somehow though, the two were in the same thought process for her that night and brought tears.

~Also, we're having some computer issues, so bear with me until we get them figured out. ~

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  1. It is always the little things that seem to get me too. I ran into my cousins aunt at my uncle's funeral and she came up to me and asked how my dad was. My dad has been gone 5 years now and it was as if she had punched me. It took me so far off guard that I just blurted out "he died 5 years ago" then I instantly felt so bad because it caused her to feel bad. Oh well we are never ready for the little things.
    Hugs and Prayers